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Speaking Engagements:

"Talking to Kids About Huntington's Disease: A book for people who know children with HD in their family" is based on a one-hour Power Point lecture. Ms. Hennig is available to present this talk for groups and HD organizations nationally and internationally.

In addition she has presented talks on "Living in an HD Home", directed toward children who have a loved one with HD. This talk is part of a Kids HD Education Day, which has been developed by Ms. Hennig.

Please contact her at info@talkingtokidsaboutHD.com to discuss speaking arrangements.


"Talking to Kids about Huntington's Disease" is a compassionate and straightforward account of preparing one's family for discussions about HD. This book illustrates the importance of honesty and age appropriate material when providing information to children. Bonnie Hennig provides a very clear approach to discussing Huntington's Disease with children but ultimately, her book is a catalyst for open dialogue within a family, regardless of risk status. The stories are told with humor, a generous supply of real-world examples, and many suggestions that empower parents to address sensitive topics and answer difficult questions. Hennig's writing unmasks the subtle, complex and very human repercussions of HD through the eyes of a child in a thoroughly readable manner."
- Elizabeth Penziner, MA, MPH University of Iowa Huntington's Disease Center

"The task of explaining this complex and cruel disease to children might be the most difficult thing a parent may have to do. After leaving Ms. Hennig's presentation, "Talking to Kids About HD", I felt somehow uplifted. I had no doubt that if I had a family member with HD, I would use Ms. Hennig's suggestions and feel competent about my approach. I was not the only one in the room who felt this way. Most of the workshop attendees were parents with children at risk and I heard their feedback. Ms. Hennig's advice connects to the real life challenges this issue presents. She does not assume that telling children is easy, but her message is clear that it is important and inevitable. She gives parents tools, words and methods to use to make it easier and ultimately less frightening to talk to children. Her knowledge comes from years of working with families coping with HD. Since that workshop, I have asked Ms. Hennig to speak multiple times at various events and families attending the event always tell me what I already know Bonnie Hennig's presentation was excellent."
- Virginia Goolkasian, HDSA Regional Director

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